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The View

Lloyd's List's weekly view on the big issues impacting and shaping shipping, providing timely insight and thought-provoking opinion

Yes, governments can tell you what to do

Shipowners sometimes argue that they are merely humble ‘taxi drivers of the sea’. But few professions are as extensively regulated as driving taxis

Lloyd List - The View Sanctions

You don’t have to be mad to invest in shipping. But it helps

Why bother with creative destruction when good old-fashioned destruction will do instead?

Lloyd List - The View Insurance

Flags of Deceit could take shipping back to the bad old days

Much more of this and Narnia, Utopia, Middle Earth, Freedonia, La-La Land and Big Rock Candy Mountain will be offering their capitals as home ports

Lloyd List - The View Sanctions

The good, the bad and the ugly: the flagging standards of flag states

Flag states have a legal and moral duty to enforce the hard won safety standards that underpin global maritime trade, but the rise of the dark fleet supported by a growing list of opaque, outsourced flag administrations is undermining the rules-based order of global shipping

Lloyd List - The View Sanctions

The week that marked a turning point for shipping in the Red Sea

The impact on the Suez Canal will not be permanent. But it is now effectively closed to those who are risk adverse, and/or allied to Western countries seen as supporting Israel

Lloyd List - The View Political Risk and Trade

Shipping will overcome this Red Sea crisis

Until the full extent of the Houthi threat is known, we can only hope the tensions will ease and thank the brave sailors who continue to make trade possible

Lloyd List - The View Containers

Operation Prosperity Guardian: Use it or lose it

Say thank you to the navies that are working together to keep the Red Sea open for business. Not to mention the thousands of seafarers putting themselves in harm’s way to ensure the world keeps trading

Red Sea Risk Lloyd List - The View

Navies must ensure trade flows in the Red Sea

Let gunboat diplomacy be confined to the past. But there are legitimate uses of gunboats in the 21st century; the continued flow of world trade is one of them

Lloyd List - The View Political Risk and Trade

Alternative fuels need to move beyond the VHS versus Betamax stage

One was the better product. The other actually succeeded in the marketplace

International Sustainability

How to keep the Panama and Suez canals open

Of course there are viable alternative routes. But simultaneous widespread disruption would be a strain on much of the shipping industry, not to mention the global economy

Lloyd List - The View Panama

Shipping’s carbon challenge is a case of economic Darwinism

The EU Emissions Trading System is going to be difficult and expensive for shipping. It is without doubt flawed and there are many questions to be answered, but it will start to sift those who have been genuinely charting a new course from those who have been secretly hoping all this will just go away

Lloyd List - The View Regulation

How to make the 12th package of restrictions on Russian crude actually work

If the West wants to up the ante, increasing the scrutiny of attestation documents is a no-brainer. The proposal that the Danes would inspect Russian tankers would need to be part of a wider push to leverage choke points

Lloyd List - The View Sanctions

Hamburg knuckles down in uncertain times

Food for thought aplenty at the annual Eisbein celebrations and in German shipowners’ boardrooms amid numerous industry challenges ahead. But the illustrious shipping nation is well versed in adversity

Lloyd List - The View Germany

What the Maersk and Norden numbers are telling everybody else

Our lifetimes may never again see an era in which sailing vessels from A to B generates returns that make Gates, Zuckerberg and Bezos envious

Lloyd List - The View Containers

Welcome to the shipping coalface

Everyone with a well-paid desk job in white-collar shipping services should be properly grateful to the workforce that keeps the industry moving

Lloyd List - The View Casualty

The contradictions of the Russian oil price cap

More Russian oil than ever before is being carried on sanctions-busting tankers exploiting regulatory loopholes. The entire scheme of sanctions stands or falls by an attestation mechanism that patently isn’t working

Lloyd List - The View Sanctions

This is about more than the future of Euronav

Alexander Saverys’ perspective for tanker shipping is built around a business model that is radically different to the one Fredriksen exemplifies

Lloyd List - The View Tankers and Gas

World Maritime Day ambitions must match the rhetoric

For the IMO’s proceedings to represent anything more than a drinks reception accompanied by a token press release, shipping’s contribution to the fight for a better environment needs to be stepped up

Lloyd List - The View Sustainability

Can shipping be relied upon?

There is a growing realisation in shipping that nebulous net zero pledges are starting to require action and investment, and will be harder to achieve than first thought. The divide between those who can and can’t be relied upon is widening

Lloyd List - The View Sustainability

What is green about methanol?

Maersk is to be applauded for its ambition. But for mass adoption of methanol fuel to make environmental sense, the molecule shipping uses must be truly green — and there is plenty to suggest it won’t be

Lloyd List - The View Sustainability

Nothing is perfect. Certainly not alternative fuels

For those seeking guidance on what to do next, the MEPC80 targets may have been too weak a signal

Lloyd List - The View Sustainability

What now for the dark fleet?

The dark fleet may be coming out of the shadows, but the cloud it casts over the rest of the industry is not going anywhere

Lloyd List - The View Sanctions

What if Panama Canal droughts are the new normal?

Until now, shipping has always found a workaround to restrictions on using this key waterway. But it won’t be able to do so indefinitely

Lloyd List - The View Panama

Ukraine should not fight a just war with unjust tactics

The embattled country has the moral high ground in its fight with Russia. By declaring commercial shipping a valid military target, it abdicates a portion of it

Lloyd List - The View Ukraine crisis

Fires: Now a burning issue

EVs have gone way beyond ‘first kid on the block with a Tesla’ bragging rights and production volumes will increase exponentially. We need to be sure ships can carry them safely

Lloyd List - The View Casualty

Russia’s naval blockade of Ukraine: Illegal, immoral, inept

Blowing up neutral shipping is in nobody’s best interest. Not even Moscow’s

Lloyd List - The View Russian Federation

To err is human. But that’s no excuse for shutting down the Suez Canal

If the industry is to have confidence in the Suez Canal Authority’s pilotage service, extensive retraining and assessment of English proficiency may be required

Panama Egypt

Shipping’s climate compromise keeps 1.5°C alive, for now

The IMO’s loosely worded climate targets fall short of keeping shipping aligned with the 1.5°C Paris Agreement temperature goal, but they are closer than most expected and keep alive the prospect of global technical and economic measures to come that could yet radically reduce the industry’s carbon output

Environment Lloyd List - The View

The IMO must show leadership on carbon emissions or face irrelevance

If China gets its way, fragmented regionalism will replace the United Nations specialist agency as the rule maker. That is not good for world trade and not good for shipping, either

International Sustainability

If Greta Thunberg doesn’t shame you, Legal & General Investment Management will

Even if you’re as tired of environmental stuff as Tor Olav Trøim, you’ll soon find out that the more polluting you are, the more it is going to cost you to borrow

Lloyd List - The View Sustainability

US west coast labour talks: There must be a better way

Carriers will welcome the six-year settlement between port employers and dock worker representatives announced this week. But it’s time to move on from ritualised confrontations twice in every decade

Lloyd List - The View Containers
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